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Motherwell Electric Ltd.

Professional Electrical Services

Why Work with Us?

When it comes to electrical services, having a trusted partner is a must. Motherwell Electric specializes in residential and commercial electrical services, as well as industrial and home automation, offering a range of repair, upgrade, and rewiring options to clients in the Victoria area.

Driven by the motto ‘Done right!’ rather than ‘Done, right?’ we believe in working with our clients and treating each and every one of them as part of our constantly growing family. We recognize that construction projects are best executed with a team approach and we put special effort into understanding the specific needs and unique circumstances of your project. This enables us to provide a continuously high standard of workmanship and take pride in every project we complete.

Fully licensed and insured, our qualified electricians will provide you with a range of bespoke electrical services. We pride ourselves on being up-to-date with modern technology and use software troubleshooting methods to solve electrical problems in a time- and cost-efficient manner. Additionally, we like to leave things the way we found them and every one of our employees is trained how to use a vacuum and a broom, and every truck carries a vacuum inside.

With Motherwell Electric, you can be certain your construction project will be done right.

What We Do

Here’s a look at what we can do for you.


Need help with maintenance, renovations or new home construction? Motherwell Electric offers a range of residential electrical services to clients in Victoria, BC. Our experienced and highly qualified electricians can tackle any project regardless of size – from minor renovations and upgrades to entire new home construction. Thanks to our years of experience in the business and roots in the commercial electrical service sector, we understand the complexity of the modern electrical systems and can easily meet and exceed the demands required of a modern electrical installation.

We believe in working with as well as for our clients and pride ourselves on delivering an outstanding level of service every time. We offer a range of residential electrical service, including minor and major renovations, electrical service upgrades, new home wiring, electrical vehicle charging, automation, communications and solar power.


At its core, Motherwell Electric is a commercial electrical contractor with years of experience and vast expertise in the niche. Our highly qualified electricians can provide you with bespoke quality commercial electrical services for maintenance, renovations and new construction. We specialise in lighting maintenance and retrofits for energy efficiency, as well as provide commercial electrical services for network cabling, communication, and industrial automation.

With years of experience in the industry and a solid network of partners and suppliers, we can provide you with reliable, quick and quality service for all of your commercial electrical needs. We pride ourselves on delivering an outstanding level of service and working for, as well as with our clients to ensure your needs are not only met but exceeded.


Motherwell Electric’s professional team provides services to support a variety of automation systems. From a basic home automation to complex industrial control panels, Motherwell Electric is familiar with a range of complex electrical systems and can deliver a custom-tailored solution to meet and exceed your needs. Our automation services include but are not limited to maintaining or replacing electrical equipment and rewiring, on-site troubleshooting, inspections, on-site testing and commissioning.

Our professional team offers a range of electrical on-board equipment services. We place special emphasis on quick turnaround time and reliability, and we aim to deliver an outstanding level of service that is focused on delivering value to you. Apart from being fully licensed, our qualified electricians are familiar with the installation and configuration of soft starters, variable frequency drives and power factor correction systems.

A bit about Who we are.

Professional Electrical Services.

Motherwell Electric is a Victoria-based business, specializing in commercial, residential and automation electrical services. We pride ourselves on delivering an outstanding level of service and working alongside our clients. We also believe that construction projects are executed best when a team approach is used and our objective is to familiarize ourselves and understand the specific needs and scheduling of your project. This allows us to adjust our tasks to best support the other trades and continually provide you with bespoke service at competitive prices.

Our roots are in commercial electrical services but we have since expanded to offer quality residential and automation too. As a Class B Licensed Electrical Contractor with Technical Safety BC (formerly the British Columbia Safety Authority) and fully insured with both Worksafe BC and Lloyd’s of London, we aim to be professional in our actions and interactions, and offer you an unmatched level of service regardless of your needs. We strive to create mutually beneficial and long-lasting relationship with our partners and clients, placing special emphasis on personal growth and development, respect for those we work with and of course, safety at all times.

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